Jewel Renderer Manual - Reference -

Jewel Renderer Manual - Reference -




Internal color of the material.

This color is multiplied to the light color, with power incluenced by the distance it has proceeded through in the jewel.

Alpha element corresponds to the density.

Alpha=0 means it is clear and colorless.



Maximum number that light can reflect in the jewel.

Valid number for this property is 1 to 20.



Cubemap texture to sample reflection/refraction color from.


Refractive Index

Refractive index of the jewel body.


Base Reflection

Reflection rate for vertically incoming light.



If checked, light is separated into R, G and B with different refraction indices.

Costs almost x3 GPU cycles.


MergeSimilarPlanes (ver 1.01~)

If checked, triangles on the same plane are processed at once (faster).


AutoCaptureEnvironment (ver1.02~)

If checked, environment cubemap is captured every frame.

This is high-cost process depending on capture resolution.

Capture resolution is set by property "CaptureEnvironmentSize."



CaptureEnvironmentOnSetup (ver1.02~)

If checked, environemnt cubemap is captured on "Setup."

By this, you don't need to prepare Cubemap as an asset.

Capture resolution is set by property "CaptureEnvironmentSize."


CaptureEnvironmentSize (ver1.02~)

Resolution of captured environment.

Power of 2 is said to be good.

Lower resolution makes capturing quicker.




Setup material reflecting each properties.

This function is exposed to the context menu : 

click component's gear button->"Setup" to invoke.



Apply numeric parameters on the material.

If mesh (in MeshFilter component) or prism property,

you should use "Setup()" instead.

This function is exposed to the context menu : 

click component's gear button->"ApplyNumericParameters" to invoke.